Monday, 29 October 2012

Sketchbook now available.

28 black and white pages of foolishness. (+ 1 colour page of 'Deadite Ash.') size A5
Every Sketchbook comes with an original sketch (headshot) on the inside front cover. You can make a request, but please dont be offended if I  just do a Zombie.
This is a collection of random bits and pieces.  There's no pictures of Baltimore in here, but hopefully you'll like it anyway!

The cost is (US)$25.  This includes original sketch and postage anywhere in the world.  You can make payment and give me your shipping details through Paypal , to account-

I also have a limited amount of these prints left
The size is A4 and the print is on textured art stock, price is (US)$20.

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